Why Us

Our development team in Brazil work continuously to provide the same quality of the best dev shops in the world with several services added for an awesome Cost-Benefit Ratio.

Yupi Mission

Empower businesses and individuals with tailored products that significantly improve their customer relationships. The success of your business is part of our mission!

Yupi Vision

We are NOT an App Factory. We act as a Mobile Development Partner of selective companies allocating an exclusive, dedicated team to work on each project and add real value for it.

Yupi Benefits

Receive tons of related services included for free in our partnership like UI/UX, CI/CD, Automated Tests, Analytics/Engagement, Distribution and Monetization Consultancy.


It's not just code. Besides App, Game or Web development, you receive tons of related services included for free in our partnership.


User experience has always been a priority for Yupi. Improving UI, information architecture, usability and accessibility are our daily work.

Automated Tests

We understand that Unit, Integration and End-to-End tests are mandatory to top-notch apps. We use tools and techniques to continuously test app core functionalities in real and virtual devices.

Measure, Engage & Grow

Data-driven development is key for apps growth. We provide Analytics consultancy plus engagement insights for our partners (A/B tests, Cloud Messaging, Remote Config, Predictions and so on).


Not only we give the option to distribute the app for our partners but also help them to distribute in their own if desired (including Google Play, App Store, in-house and third-party stores).

Continuous Delivery

Do you want to ship a new version of your app automatically every 15 days or to have fully tested nightly builds? Let us help with it.


In-app purchase, Subscription, Ads, promo codes and other ways to get money with your app. We do not only make it work, we help you decide the way to go to achieve better result.

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Our Clients



Our talented team work together with technical leaders recognized in every important aspect of app development.

Erisvaldo Junior

Chief Executive Officer

Humberto Junior

Lead UI/UX Designer

Ivan Quirino

Lead Full Stack Developer

Rafael Natã

App Developer

Gustavo Mazzotti

Game Developer

Petrus Carvalho

App Developer

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